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            The Answer - European Tour 2021

David Icke brings his Brand New Show (The Answer) to your city during his multi date European Tour this fall.
The tour is based on David’s New Book of the same name which will be released in August 2020.

The Show theme will be focusing on exactly what the title suggests, The Answer, what do we do now? 

For those uneasy about the World then this show is exactly what you need to hear. An evening of Self-empowering information that will change your life forever. In this crazy World, Context, Sanity and Explanations are needed like never before… David Icke looks at what is this really all about and how we can make REAL change and have a positive influence on the World. 

People are ready for something new, something with hope and self-empowerment at its core. For too long we have looked to the World of Politics for change, how’s that gone? Its time we took back control of our own lives and took responsibility for being the change we want to see in this World.

This event will change your outlook on life, your view of yourself in a way that will change your life forever…

Welcome to the David Icke Show.

                          Latin Vibes

 Midsummer Latino 2020 10Year Anniversary. 

 Hola todos my Latin Lovers around the world!

 We very sorry to have to inform you that the Midsummer Latino 2020 Event   on 19 & 20 of June this summer have been cancelled. This Midsummer event   was suppoosed to be the 10 Year Anniversary of this beutiful tradition that   we have buildt up together with you the Latin Vibes crowd in Sweden for 10   whole years.

 But we will come bak next Midsummar on 2021 and we will do an even   greater and bigger event when we celebrate the 10 Year tradition of   Misummer Latino. At the same time next year our beutiful city of   Gothenburg celebrates its 400 years Anniversary Whit that said you know   its gona be a epic summer to look forward to with great Events & Big   Concerts on our stage again.

 As you all probably understand this cancelation is due to the lockdowns of   the Nighclubs & Concerts around Sweden & Europe this summer.

 We will inform you as soon as we get the green light for reopening the   dance floors again. Untill then keep up the good spirit & stay safe out there   and look out for each other in these difficult times...

                   Latin Vibes Una Noche Caliente Latina!

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